Last week, “2.0,” the first full fledged collaboration from Eminem, Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf, his latest Shady Records signees, leaked onto the 'net and quickly caused a firestorm online by fans. recently chopped it up with the man responsible for creating the hard hitting track, up-and-coming producer Will Power of SupaHotBeats, to find out the backstory of how the song came together.

Power has been quietly building his resume over the last year, getting placements on Yela and  Wiz Khalifa’s upcoming album, Rolling Papers, dropping on March 29.

“We were out in Vegas working on Wolf’s album [Radioactive] and we were just vibing out and the A&R over at Shady, Riggs Morales, came out to see what kind of progress we were making working on Wolf’s stuff,” he told XXL . “I had already done the framework of the beat. They just thought it would be really dope to make a posse cut out of it.  So he took the beat back to Em and it just went down from there. Next thing you know, we have a dope record.”

Will Power, who describes his sound as, “a lot of low frequencies and synthetic sounds” was in Las Vegas working on Yelawolf’s debut LP for Shady. “We were completely in lockdown, we just went out and cut off all lines of communication with people for about two weeks,” the South Carolina native said. “Wolf went in and wrote an incredible album. I was blessed, I got like seven or eight records on the album. This album, I don’t know if I can talk about it a whole lot but, I can just say that I think he’s got a classic on his hands.”

In addition to working with the Shady roster, the beat maker is excited to be in the lab with Tech N9ne. “Working with Tech was dope because he’s somebody that I’ve been following and checking for, for like 10 years man, since early 2000," he said. "Tech N9ne and Eminem—what the fuck it doesn’t get much better than that. For the two tracks I have with Tech, I brought in a violinist and guitar players, a full band and full set and we produced the record specifically with the sounds that he was looking for, for these records.”

Producing mainly on Logic, Will Power is busy developing his own artist Nikkiya and currently working with Jackie Chain and FeFe Dobson. Nicole LoPresti