Sexyy Red recently recorded herself driving 130 miles per hour and shared the footage on social media.

Sexyy Red Records Herself Reckless Driving

On Wednesday night (Jan. 3), Sexyy Red shared multiple clips on her Instagram Story of herself behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz on the highway. In the clips, the pregnant rapper pushes the vehicle way past the speed limit and gets well over 100 miles per hour. In one clip, which can be seen below, she gets up to 130 miles per hour before letting off on the gas.

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Fans React to Reckless Driving Video With Backlash

Fans on social media have been weighing in on the dangerous clip.

"Her and Chrisean [Rock] a different breed bruh smh," one person posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"Some women shouldn’t be allowed to carry a life in their body," someone else tweeted.

"Mother of the year," another person sarcastically typed.

Others were not as fazed by the clip. "So. Is it illegal to drive while pregnant?" someone else asked.

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See video of Sexyy Red driving 130 miles per hour below.

Watch the Video of Sexyy Red Driving Double the Speed Limit on the Highway

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