Scott Storch was once one of the most successful and sought-after producers in hip-hop and pop music. He at one point was estimated to be worth $70 million. Yesterday, June 24, the Philadelphia native filed for bankruptcy for the second time. According to TMZ, Storch declared assets worth $3,600: a $3,000 watch, $500 in clothing and $100 cash. He reports making roughly $10,000 in 2014, with zero income coming from his music production companies.

The bad luck streak for Storch just seems to be endless. He hasn't had a song chart on Billboard Hot 100 since 2006. XXL spoke to him in 2010 after his stint in rehab and declaring bankruptcy for the first time. Four years later we spoke to the once super-producer about venturing into the world of EDM and returning to hip-hop plus his new material. However, he has yet to release any new music.

In between his fast rise to fame to his second bankruptcy, Scott Storch has endured a ton of hardships. He once spent $30 million in less than six months on drugs, got charged with grand theft auto, failed to pay property taxes on his $10 million mansion and his child support, got arrested in Las Vegas for cocaine possession and was sued by an aspiring artist who claimed Storch was too drugged out to produce. A detail article on Scott's life published by the Miami New Times in 2010 detailed the original Roots member's wild spending and drug habits.

It's pretty sad to see Storch, the man who crafted “Cry Me a River” for Justin Timberlake, “Fighter” for Christina Aguilera, produced 50 Cent (“Candy Shop,” “Just a Lil’ Bit,” G-Unit’s “Poppin’ Them Thangs”), Fat Joe (Terror Squad’s “Lean Back,” the Lil Wayne-featuring “Make it Rain”), co-wrote Dr. Dre’s "Still D.R.E." and more is flat broke.

Here are Storch's biggest troubles.

Scott Storch
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August 2006 - January 2007

Scott Storch goes on a month long "vacation" in Hollywood were he got addicted to cocaine and other drugs. That vacation led to a bender, which he spent $30 million dollars in less than six months on reportedly a ton of cocaine, cars and jewelries.

June 2008

Storch failed to show for a child-support hearing where he was accused of being behind on his payments. Storch was also way behind on paying his property taxes, owing the government $500,000, which resulted in having his $10 million Miami mansion foreclosed.

December 2008

After missing the court date, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department offered a $5,000 reward for info leading to DMX arrest. The Yonkers rapper was later found in Palm Island, off of the Florida coastline in Scott Storch’s mansion

Scott Storch
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January - April 2009

Storch filed for bankruptcy for the first time and checked into a Florida rehab facility to curb his cocaine habit.

April 2009

Scott Storch was arrested in Miami and charged with grand theft auto. Storch broke terms of their leasing agreement after he leased a 2004 Bentley GT in February 2006, with a return date of March 2008. The owners of the vehicle were Atlas Leasing Company, which claimed the producer cost the company $65,000 in revenue. The charges were dropped in June 2009.

April 2010

Miami Times writer Gus Garcia-Roberts talked to Scott Storch's mother Yolanda and former manager Derek Jackson about Storch's childhood, his beginnings as a record producer and his cocaine addiction. It is reported that Storch since 2005, has been hit with 28 lawsuits in federal and county courts.

Luca Luca Spring 2006 - Front Row

February 2012  

Scott Storch was arrested in a Las Vegas hotel on the morning of Feb. 4 for possession of cocaine. Storch reportedly wouldn’t pay for his hotel room and when police arrived to the scene, they uncovered cocaine belonging to the producer.

April 2012

Storch was sued by aspiring singer Treena Ruberg who claims she paid him to produce her album but he was too drugged up to get the job done. Ruberg said Storch agreed to produce six songs in exchange for $45,000 back in October 2011, $30,000 of which she paid him up front.

August 2013

Scott Storch was robbed at gunpoint outside of a New York hotel. He was allegedly approached by two men with guns while waiting inside an SUV near the New York Palace hotel. The men allegedly said, “Give us all your jewelry and cash or you’re dead.” Storch complied with the men’s request, handing over a briefcase with $4k to $5k in cash in it and several pieces of jewelry. The men reportedly then took the keys to the SUV with them so that Storch couldn’t drive away.

June 2015
Storch files for bankruptcy for the second time.

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