Houston's Sauce Walka of the Sauce Twinz continues his campaign of calling out other rappers with the cover for his upcoming mixtape Holy Sauce. Posted to Instagram on Monday (May 2), the illustrated cover shows Walka crucified, with four others looking on. Walka has gone at Drake on wax, both with "Wack 2 Wack" and "Winning," so one of the four heads, specifically the third, can be understood as Drake.

As for the other three, the colored dreads falling beneath a wide brim hat is almost certainly Future, while the other two are likely Trill Sammy and Famous Dex. The implication given by the crucifixion is that these rappers are attempting to stifle Walka while simultaneously taking from him. Notice the raised chalices each has in their hand. Writing on Twitter, Walka says, "The most copied, criticized, & hated style in the rap game .. They wanna #Crucify my #Drip so here it is #HolySauce." The imagery is no doubt provocative, Sauce Walka being a god that many want to tear down and emulate.

Last May, Sauce Walka had some pointed words for Drake, who was attempting to celebrate his city with Houston Appreciation Weekend. “Niggaa comes down and uses our culture for lyrical content and ain’t giving shit back but a family fun day and some money to some hoes he’s tricking on in the club. You fucking idiot,” said Walka in an IG vid. “This bitch ass niggaa made music with artists from everywhere but Houston.”

The upcoming mixtape is likely to elaborate on the cover art and include disses to the aforementioned rappers. Peep the cover up above.

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