Sauce Money isn't happy with the way Diddy has been treating him over the years, so he felt compelled to give the hip-hop mogul a love tap on wax. On Friday (March 8), the seasoned rapper-songwriter released his new song "Love Tap," which is a new track aimed directly at the Bad Boy Records founder.

"Don't be alarmed my nigga, this is just a love tap/Cool with you muthafucka, ok I was that/Kept it real cuz I wasn't hip to your trick, should've flamed your ass in '06/Did the drugs make you forget, who it was who wrote your biggest hit," Sauce spits on the track. "Nigga my pen the reason you the shit, you are crossing a thin line about 10 times/Shorten my bag, now I gotta go in mines with you in mind."

Sauce Money is the person who wrote "I'll Be Missing You," which is Diddy's tribute to his friend and partner The Notorious B.I.G. Biggie was killed on March 9, 1997, and "I'll Be Missing You," which also featured 112 and Big's baby's mother, Faith Evans, dropped in May of that same year. Hov, who worked with Sauce in the 1990s, recommended the rapper/ghost-writer to Diddy, who recruited the Brooklyn native to write his smash single in 1997.

Over two decades later, Sauce now claims that Diddy shortened his earnings from the song. After dropping his diss track, Sauce hit up social to establish that he's not mad about the money he's owed. He's more upset at the disrespect he feels he's received from Diddy over the years and had to let it out in his new song.

Read Sauce Money's explanation and listen to his diss track for Diddy below.

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