After dropping his J. Cole-assisted single "Live and Learn" in November, Brooklyn-based rapper Salomon Faye releases his latest EP, King Salomon.

Thee three-track project includes the previously released song with J. Cole, as well as the songs "King Salomon" and "1984" featuring Nas Leber. "I used to see rain as the proof I can cry with no fear, but now I gotta hide my own tears so I don't seem weak/I don't even want to see me 'cause I don't know that nigga/I don't owe that nigga/To tell the truth, something to show that nigga," Salomon spits on "Live and Learn."

While Cole doesn't rap on the track, he does handle the chorus, singing, "’Cause I've been living way too long in the right or the wrong/I'm as small as a fly with the shit I'm on/So keep going, get lost/I don't want to be found/You won't see me if you looking around."

XXL first caught up with the Paris-born rapper back in 2013, when he told us his goal in hip-hop was to "evolve." Salomon added that he wanted to evolve people by "expressing my perspectives and insights on personal life experiences... while inspiring others to believe in love and themselves enough to create the life they love for themselves."

Check out the King Salomon tracklist and listen to the project below.

Salomon Faye's King Salomon EP Tracklist

1. "King Salomon"
2. "1984" Feat. Nas Leber
3. "Live and Learn" Feat. J. Cole

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