SahBabii is currently preparing his forthcoming Squidtastic project, and during the wait, fans are getting a new track potentially off of the collective.

The Atlanta rapper drops "Watery" for his loyal fan base, which features him spitting some braggadocios rhymes over the bouncy piano instrumental. SahBabii not only flaunts his vocal game, but he also taps into his signature rap style while addressing some specific standards he has while dealing with women.

"All of my diamonds are watery/Bitch, I'm expensive, can't order me," he sings. "I don't want that bitch if she ain't watery/If I was coke she'd be snortin' me/Bitch, I am hot, they ain't boilin' me/My diamonds are dancin', support on me/She usin' her mouth, she so orally/I don't want that bitch, she can't spoil me."

The Warner Bros. entertainer rose to notoriety through his “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick" hit record, and has been gaining traction in the music community since. There's no official date for when we can expect SahBabii's Squidtastic project, but the anticipation is already brewing heavily.

Be sure to listen to SahBabii's new song, "Watery," to see what he's cooking up for his new project below. Stay tuned for more updates on Squidtastic to come.

Warner Bros. Records
Warner Bros. Records

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