Safaree "SB" Samuels had a few choice words for his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj and her current man Meek Mill.

TMZ caught up with SB at LAX yesterday (July 29), where he sent the couple a clear message: "Every time you say something, I'm saying something back. So cut that stupid shit out. All I know is, get off my dick, the both of y'all, and have a good day."

The statement comes in response to Nicki's recent diss at The Pinkprint tour stop in Brooklyn Sunday night (July 26). While on the mic, Nicki said, among other things,“See a bitch ass nigga can’t write my raps.You know why? You don’t have the heart, or the mind frame, or the muthafuckin’ intellect bitch nigga." She went off because SB has been claiming to have had a hand in the creation of many of Nicki's rhymes. Safaree clapped back with a diss track aimed at the high-profile couple. On "Lifeline," he attacks them directly, dropping snarky comments left and right.

Samuels is "not staying quiet anymore," he tells TMZ. "You would think that nigga on a world tour got way better shit to do than worry about little old stunt man." As for Nicki's comments on tour, he adds that, "It's cool to get hype and say shit in front of a crowd when nobody knows better. But, now people gon' know better."

Onika's ex-beau of twelve years says that he stands by his claims that he wrote many of the Young Money rapper's tracks. Check the clip out above.


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