Russ is officially in album mode. This past Monday (Aug. 13), the rapper announced the title and release date for his new LP. Yesterday, he dropped off a new track called "The Flute Song."

Russ' new album is titled Zoo, and it's all set to be released on Sept. 7. Produced by Scott Storch, "The Flute Song" is the first single from the project, and it's one that finds Russ doing some emphatic flexing.

"I do whatever I want, whenever I want, I love it/People keep talking, I just keep winning, I'm just like fuck it," Russ spits on the hook for the track, which should remind everyone that Storch remains a problem.

Elsewhere on the track, Russ speaks on the music industry and the perils of haters. At the end of the day, though, he's here to remind them that he's still on top.

"I keep to myself, but I feel the energy though/None of these people are friends to me though/I don't put anything past them/I don't see none of y'all next to me though/I think they mad that I passed them," he spits on another part of the new song.

"The Flute Song" marks the latest collab between Russ and Storch, who've been spending an awful lot of time collaborating over the last several months. Speaking with XXL after his There's Really a Wolf album went platinum, Russ explained how he and Storch first joined forces.

"His people emailed my manager. I didn't really believe it, 'cause it's like, Scott Storch is one of my favorite producers of all time," Russ said at the time. "[He's] pretty much the reason I started making beats. So, pretty nuts. Then we linked up, went to his spot in L.A. and started building from there."

Check out "The Flute Song" for yourself below. Revisit his video for "Sore Losers" when you're done.

Russ My Way Inc. and Columbia Records
Russ My Way Inc. and Columbia Records

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