On Monday (Sept. 11), Russ caused controversy when he uploaded a photo of himself wearing a shirt that read, "How much xans and lean do you have to do before you realize you're a fucking loser." The message clearly rubbed a few people the wrong way, and now the rapper/producer has responded to the backlash with a new song.

Produced by Scott Storch, the track is called "Think Twice" and addresses the people who had a problem with his shirt.

Recently, Russ visited Complex's Everyday Struggle show and had some words with co-host Nadeska Alexis. Joe Budden, another host on the show, wasn't there at the time, but when he returned he challenged Russ to come back and "try that shit" when Joe was around. On "Think Twice," Russ seems to have some words for Budden as well.

"This ain't no average Joe shit, this is everyday Russell/Joe got a day job, that's an everyday struggle," he raps at the beginning of the song. Later on, he spits, "Rappers sending subtweets/Rappers stealing logos/Rappers feeling jumpy/Then bounce pussy pogo/This gon' get a billion streams/This for the rappers who need promo/This for rappers who need other rappers hooks to go bronze/This for rappers who need other rappers shows to go."

He ends the song with these lines: "These junkie ass rappers basing brands off of drug addiction/And I'm the bad guy for calling it out?/You the one who got kids OD'ing tryna be like you/And I'm the bad guy for calling it out."

Russ, who recently dropped his There's Really a Wolf album, had previously explained the reasoning for his shirt on Twitter, writing, "If I stopped ONE kid from abusing xans or lean, mission accomplished... better than getting ONE kid to try that shit. Period."

But even after revealing his reason, he still caught heat from Fredo Santana. In a reply to Russ' original tweet, the rapper wrote, "Until I can stop thinking bout my dead homies an the trauma that I been thru in my life that's when I'll stop."

Listen to Russ' "Think Twice" below.

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