Run The Jewels, the duo comprised of Killer Mike and El-P, dropped their second project two years ago today, and on that anniversary comes the first track off RTJ3 titled "Talk to Me." The song is produced by El-P with Little Shalimar and Wilder Zoby receiving co-production credits and is available for free download as a part of the Adult Swim Singles project.

The verses are politically charged, neither Mike nor El mincing words here or throughout the recent presidential campaign. Mike opens up rapping, "Went to war with the devil and shaytan/He wore a bad toupee and a spray tan," and closes with a summation of black life in America. "Militant Michael might go psycho/On any ally or rival/Born black, that's dead on arrival/My job is to fight for survival/In spite of these all lives matter ass white folk," he raps.

The duo first premiered the song back at Coachella in April, where Bernie Sanders introduced them to the crowd. El-P said then that RTJ3 would drop sometime this year, though that might have changed since. Listen to "Talk to Me" up above, with more to come from the set in the coming weeks.

Earlier this year, Mike and El were featured on "Nobody Speak" off DJ Shadow's The Mountain Will Fall album and in 2015, they released Meow the Jewels, a remix album using cat noises to reconstruct RTJ2 beats. There's no word yet as to when RTJ3 will drop, though with the first single out, it seems safe to say the rollout is imminent.

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