As they prepare for their upcoming tour together, Run the Jewels takes on a dramatic remix of Lorde's latest "Supercut" record. El-P spices up the mellow instrumental with a haunting bass that welcomes some heated verses from him and Killer Mike.

After Lorde serenades her original hook, the rap duo lace the new remix of the pop star's hit song with their signature conscious style. Mike kicks things off for the group by laying down some intense lyrics about society and who is portrayed as the enemy.

"We is the villains, and there ain't no chillin'/Get body bags and the toe tags, yeah," Mike rhymes. "Scoundrels in housin', we tore through your town/And we reload it and now we back, man."

El-P follows up with some thought-provoking rhymes of his own, which include some heavy metaphors.

"There's no manual, Run the Jewels publish shit annual/Every minute I'm in it, I'm runnin' a clinic," El-P spits. "Wild animal, livin' like a Fine Young Cannibal/Citizen of civics, admit it, the kid get it."

Lorde is set to hit the road with Run the Jewels, as well as Mitski and Tove Styrke, starting in October, which will hit tons of cities all over the globe in both North American and Europe. Killer Mike and El-P are currently on their own tour, which finishes off in November.

Listen to Run the Jewels' remix of Lorde's "Supercut" record here.

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