Rubi Rose has a new side hustle selling feet pics online and fans are shocked.

Rubi Rose Sells Feet Pics

On Tuesday (Oct. 10), Rubi Rose shared an advertisement on Instagram promoting her newest part-time gig. In the post, which can be seen below, Rubi and singer Malu Trevejo are kneeling down with their backs to the camera wearing matching white shirts and underwear. The photo is captioned, "We just joined @feetfinder to exclusively sell our feet content link in our bio to see us together."

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What Is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is an online platform, similar to OnlyFans, where people buy and sell visual content. As the name implies, FF is specifically aimed at the niche market of people with foot fetishes. This isn't Rubi Rose's first venture into supplementing her rap income online. She also has a lucrative OnlyFans account.

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People React to Rubi Rose Selling Feet Pics Online

Once the word got out, fans had a lot to say about Rubi Rose's latest money-making venture.

"Me and my bro after subscribing and seeing Rubi Rose's feetpics," one user on X, formerly known as Twitter, captioned a photo of wrestling duo Harlem Heat.

"If Rubi Rose was my girl she wouldn’t be on IG sellin feet pics but that’s just me," someone else posted.

"Rubi Rose is really on Instagram promoting the selling of feet pics. Idk when it happened, but foot fetish n***as have gained too much power and have normalized the fetish. I blame Dan Schneider," another tweet on the topic reads.

See Rubi Rose's FeetFinder ad below.

See Rubi's Feet Pic Ad and Reactions

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