It looks like Eminem and Royce Da 5'9" are back in the lab together. In a video uploaded to their official Bad Meets Evil group Facebook page, Royce plays a snippet of some brand new music from himself and Em, and it features some of the same tongue-twisting rhyme schemes that helped make both rappers so famous. Peep the video for yourself above.

In the video Royce appears pretty impressed with himself as he stares into the camera before he turns it to record the studio equipment. We can see what looks like the interphase for audio software on a computer screen as the music plays in the background. Considering that this video was posted to the Bad Meets Evil page, it seems pretty likely that there will be more material coming other than what Royce plays in the clip.

Royce himself sounds as fearsome as ever. In one snippet he raps, "And any track we on we blackin/We can take it back to the Casios before we was cracking pistachios, get at me though/They had me low with a classy hoe like Jacki O/She giving out the ass till' the back B.O."

The Layers artist appears to still be in peak form, which is usually the case for one of Detroit's fiercest MCs. The last time we heard him spit was on Marv Won's "Sucide Squad," a track both Detroit rappers dropped back in November. You can check that song out here.

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