Two of Detroit's finest spitters have connected for a new track. Marv Won enlists the help of Royce Da 5'9" for lyrical exhibition called "Suicide Squad." Marv Won - who also made the beat - lets Royce take the lead, and the MC does not disappoint.

"You never heard from me, apologies/You'll never see my soul rise, the streets already done made a man out of me/10 Wallabees, playing Ghost and Chef/Feeling like the man who wrote 'Success' should be the most impressed/The man the most emotional who hate the most should be the most motionless," Royce raps on the opening verse.

Unfortunately for Marv Won and Royce, their home state has been through a lot of turmoil. The city of Flint is still in the midst of water crisis. When XXL caught up with Royce for a conversation about his Layers album, the Slaugterhouse member took some time to address the crisis.

"[It was] nothing short of an act of terrorism," Royce said. "It’s a testament to young black lives being treated like guinea pigs. Our lives don’t matter. All of these things aren’t coincidence. There are ulterior motives, like moving people out of these communities. It’s always some greater power move aligned with these types of situations, and the lives that are lost during that shit just shows how disposable we can be. So we gotta stand up and fight that shit. We gotta raise the awareness and make statements like Black Lives Matter. That’s not to offend white people or anybody. It means we’re standing up for ourselves."

Unfortunately, there seems to be no end in sight. Many Flint residents are still reliant on bottled water. The latest development saw a federal judge ordering officials to deliver bottled water to any Flint home where the government hasn't verified that a filter is working.

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