Another day, another electrifying rhyme session from Royce 5'9," and for this one, he's brought Shady Records' own Boogie along for the ride.

Released yesterday (April 19), "Dumb" finds Royce and Boogie tackling things they think are stupid or pointless. For his part, Royce describes what he believes are the inherent pitfalls of the music industry.

"Ok, I hope that you know it/That if you voted, you might as well not voted for no one/They knew when they made that category/Where that trophy was going/All this industry shit is (Dumb)/There ain’t no middle class/Raise your glass/Here's to classism/Either you a rich ass nigga or you’s a bum/There ain’t no in between/Sinners sell their souls, angels sell their halos and they wings," spits Royce on the Epikh Pro and S1-produced track.

Taking the lyrical baton from Royce is Boogie, who hits the track with some pretty impressive rhyme schemes. "Man I turn basic into intricate/I kill you with my simple shit/No tweeting when we kicking it/Don't tell me what you finna get/Silly you could drown without a membership," he raps.

"Dumb" is the latest offering from Royce's forthcoming solo LP, Book of Ryan, which is all set to drop on May 4. The track was preceded by "Boblo Boat" and "Stay Woke," both of which find the Detroit artist flat-out going in. Hopefully there's plenty more where those tracks came from on Book of Ryan.

Check out "Dumb" for yourself below.

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Heaven Studios

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