It’s been almost a year since his last mixtape release. Meanwhile, his debut studio album Ready Set Go! currently has no release date after experiencing several delays. Yet, somehow, Roscoe Dash is buzzing more than ever and is experiencing his biggest year yet. After riding the rap charts in late 2010 with Waka Flocka Flame’s “No Hands,” Roscoe has jumped right back on them by means of his collaboration with Big Sean and Kanye West on the summer hit “Marvin & Chardonnay.” On his latest mixtape, Dash Effect, the ATL up and comer looks to shine on his own on this 34 track project with minimal features.

Roscoe is at his best when he’s delivering the infectious hooks he’s become known for. On tracks like “Watchin’” and “Keep em Coming,” his catchy choruses illustrate why artists have begun to look to Dash when in need of a radio smash. With “Moscato,” the ATL crooner teams up with Jazze Pha on a smooth R&B record for the females. It’s a change of pace from the high-energy hooks he’s associated with and it works.

Unfortunately, Roscoe doesn’t find the same kind of success on his verses that he does on his choruses. Not only is the subject matter tired, but the delivery and flow doesn’t really pack a punch, either. Additionally, with 34 tracks on the project, the listener has to navigate through a lot of throwaway verses to find the songs worth listening to. On his next effort, a more concise body of work would be better suited to highlight Roscoe’s vocal strengths. Even so, Dash Effect should satiate the hunger of fans that have been clamoring for a full Roscoe Dash release. Though the 21-year-old has plenty of time to develop as an artist, he’s showing no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, he’s making a dash towards the top. —Neil Martinez-Belkin