The truth shall set you free. California's own Roddy Ricch, hailing from the West side of Compton, has made a name for himself by being authentic in his lyrics, whether he's talking about surviving the streets or weaving his way through life an artist. Roddy's style, which blends rapping and singing, along with his wise-beyond-his-years subject matter has changed his life, starting with the runaway success of his 2018 song, "Die Young."

Late last year, XXL's The Break alum dropped Feed Tha Streets 2, packed with songs like "Every Season" and "Down Below," the latter being his latest single. Already overseas as a supporting act on Post Malone's European tour and set to hit the road on Kodak Black's Dying To Live Tour, 20-year-old Roddy has quite a busy year ahead. He still found some time to sit down with XXL for his very own episode of Who Am I?

Roddy Ricch is a pretty slick rap name, and he explains how he earned the moniker. "I was at school and my class, we was all buying lunch and shit," he says, setting the scene. "I was fresh off a lil lick; I bought all my classmates food. Then this girl just started calling me that, 'That's Roddy Ricch!'" Roddy's been poppin' way before the music. Who would've thought a moment of lunchroom stuntin' would've become so important.

Making music isn't simple, but Roddy found his way through pure exploration. "I bought some music equipment when I was like 16, I was fuckin' wit it; I was recording myself, all that, then it just grew from there," he explains.

The artist first got hot off his song "Rich Nigga," which he made when he was just a teen. "That shit blew up and everybody knew me from that song, kept seeing girls sing that shit to me," Roddy shares." Different high schools knew me, I got popular off that shit." He then took an extended break from music, choosing to turn to the streets over music. Thankfully, he came back and things have clearly worked out.

Now that he's in the public eye in the rap game, Roddy has bumped into quite a few artists that have left a lasting impression on him. He lists meeting J. Cole as one of the most craziest moments that has happened to him so far. "When I met J. Cole, shit, that was crazy as fuck," he admits. "That was a positive crazy thing that happened."

Catch the rest of Roddy Ricch speaking on his come up in Who Am I? up top.

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