Back when Future dropped back-to-back albums earlier this year with FUTURE and HNDRXXthere were rumors he was gearing up to pay fellow Atlanta rapper Rocko a hefty sum of the revenue from those albums. Now, TMZ reports Rocko is indeed claiming his right to a portion of the revenue from Future's upcoming Nobody's Safe tour.

The celebrity site claims Rocko is asking a judge to put Future's salary from the tour into an escrow account because Rocko doesn't trust Future to pay him his money. Rocko apparently claims Future is set to make upward of $5 million on the tour, and he wants some of that set aside for the $10 million he's apparently owed by Hendrix.

Last year, reports surfaced of Rocko suing Future to the tune of $10 mil for allegedly breaching a 2011 contract they signed. Future first signed with Rocko's A1 label in 2011 and then signed with Epic Records soon after that, and Rocko claims he's entitled to a portion of the money from the latter deal, but he never saw it.

Future shot back with a countersuit in September of 2016, and then things seemed quiet for awhile, but in February, when Future dropped those two albums, rumors surfaced that he was doing so to pay back what he owed Rocko. Rocko shot down the rumors, but that didn't stop Future from taking a couple shots during a Twitter Q&A and later calling Rocko a con artist.

Rocko and Future have a long, storied relationship that includes more than a couple excellent collabs. Read about their history here.

The Nobody's Safe tour is scheduled to start this Thursday, May 4, in Memphis. Kodak Black was recently removed from the tour after being found guilty of violating his house arrest.

XXL has reached out to Epic Records for comment.

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