The saga of Rocko versus Future continues. According to TMZ, the A1 boss feels Future's Epic Records lawyers have used legal jargon and "boilerplate answers" to prevent him from examining Future's financial records.

To combat the alleged resistance, Rocko filed new court documents in his lawsuit against Future, requesting a judge force Future's lawyers to cease their "stonewalling" over his financial records. Rocko, who's suing Future because he was cut out of the deal the rapper signed with the label, is apparently saying Future's hurting any chances he had of settling the matter.

The news arrives a few weeks after it was revealed Rocko was requesting a judge to put a portion of Future's Nobody Safe tour money—which Rocko apparently believes could net Hendrix $5 million—into an escrow account because he doesn't believe Future will use any of the funds to pay the $10 million he says his fellow Atlanta rapper owes him.

This whole legal battle started because Future first signed to Rocko's A1 label back in 2011 before signing a deal with Epic Records a short time later. Rocko claims he was supposed to get a cut of the Epic deal since he was the one who discovered the Atlanta superstar, but he's yet to see any kickback. He sued Future over the matter last June.

Future filed a countersuit against Rocko last September, alleging the A1 boss hadn't actually paid him what he owed. Since then, the legal battle—and shot-throwing from Future—has continued, and there doesn't really appear to be a resolution in sight.

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