Heltah Skeltah's Rock could use a trip to California. Or maybe Atlanta or North Carolina. How about all three? The rapper makes plans to do so on his new Buckshot assisted-track, "Poof."

The song finds the Brooklyn stalwart contemplating cross-country vacations with any and all of his ladies as he imagines an escape from the block and the intermittent emotional and physical perils of life.

"California dreaming, but I'm in BK paranoid and scheming/I'm back-and-forth in the streets all erratic, dawg I need a/Flight, had my bitch Labrador retrieve one," Rock spits over the FordTuff and P-Version (Pascal Zumaque)-produced track. Buckshot chips in for the two-part hook.

So what inspired the track?

"Simple...sometimes I wanna get away!" Rock tells XXL. "R.I.P. Prodigy! A nigga need a vacation from all the chaos! My best friend died and life did not stop throwing me all kinda curve balls outta mercy."

"Poof" arrives just one week before the release of his Rockness A.P. (After Price) album. The title is a tribute to his late friend Sean Price (Ruck), who, along with Rock, comprised the duo Heltah Skeltah. Before "Poof," Rock linked with Raekwon for his Rockness A.P. single, "Declaration."

What made Rock decide to drop Rockness A.P. now?

"I feel like the time to drop an album has always been now," Rock explains. "I just havent always been properly prepared with a situation and system in place to properly support what I've always believed to be greatness! But this particular album, Rockness AP, could only have happened in this version of now! The 2017 version! I mean the A.P. means After Price! It had to be after his death!! And the system came together! So Poof! Now you see me!"

Rockness A.P. (After Price) drops on Sept. 22. Listen to "Poof" below.


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