After dropping his Cloverfield 2.0 EP in September, Robb Bank$ is back with another project. Over the holidays, Bank$ released his newest record, 2: Pillz.

The short five-song project doesn't have any features but does include production from Skinnyxmoose, as well as D Roc and Indigochildrick who contribute to the song "SSet It Up." On the track, Bank$ raps, "Boss man Lucious, EMPIRE my distribution/I got Rollies flooded pink, niggas in the Pinks/Tell me what you think, fucked her on the mink."

XXL had caught up with Robb Bank$ earlier in his career when the rapper was gaining buzz from the songs "Look Like Basquiat" and "Finest." At the time, we asked Bank$ about his goal in hip-hop, which he said was to "always stay true."

The rapper added, "Florida made me, and I feel like it's overlooked. All people see when they look at Florida is King of Diamonds and Disney World. I'm not familiar with either, I don't go to clubs and throw racks. I'm not even from Dade, I'm from Broward. That's where I was raised so that's what I'm gonna put on my back. The world needs to know that the south ain't a game, shit real down here, and that's what I try to show in my music."

While Bank$ had signed to Cash Money Records at the beginning of the year, the Florida rapper recently revealed he left the label but said it had nothing to do with Birdman. "Ay man I left cash money records 3 months ago btw leave birdman outta dis," he tweeted on Dec. 7. "I'm rich gang only Signed to a partnership with empire."

Check out the tracklist and listen to 2: Pillz below.

Robb Bank$' 2: Pillz Tracklist

1. "No Sleep" Produced by Skinnyxmoose
2. "2ensatonal/Pink Toe" Produced by Skinnyxmoose
3. "SSet It Up" Produced by D Roc and Indigochildrick
4. "Playz" Produced by Skinnyxmoose
5. "Die4Me" Produced by Indigochildrick

SS Records / EMPIRE
SS Records / EMPIRE

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