Harlem spitter Ro Ransom has a project on the way and it seems he'll keep dropping music and videos until it's go time. This time around, he presents his new visual for the song "Floetry," which features Kensei Abbot.

The video starts out with Ro dancing in a chair, decked out in a durag. The video quickly gets lo-fi, almost as if it's on a VHS tape. Kensei appears next to Ro, then there's a scene where Ro seems to be sitting at a dinner table with himself. The rest of the video is a bunch of dance moves, as the two artists walk through an eloquent hotel.

The song's chorus is memorable, with Ro Ransom's delivery of it making it work. "Bitches wanna take me home cause I got floetry/I just can't keep track of time with all these hoes on me," he raps. "VVS my collarbone and now they notice me/These boys a joke to me I'm in the hood like I got dope on me."

Kensi also checks in with some thoughts on his dating issues. "I can’t love you back…I got hoes on deck/I put myself in a Porsche, smoking I’m smoking a torch," he brags.

Ro has been regularly dropping content in the last year. He released his aptly-titled Momentum mixtape last November, then didn't let up in 2018. The song "Wraith" came this summer, along with its accompanying video soon after. Ro's aforementioned new project drops this summer, with both "Floetry" and "Wraith" expected to make the cut.

Watch the "Floetry" video below.

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