Rico Recklezz is the latest rapper to get on 6ix9ine’s “Gummo” beat. The single went viral and was certified Gold just last month. In the remix video, you see Recklezz drop consistent verses that flow well with the trap beat.

The 26-year-old spits, “I'm from Chiraq real Milly Rock pop your top with Glock/Gettin topped from a foreign thot but I don't want no box/You want to box, till I had to pop/You put ‘em in a box free my niggas in the box/Put you in the box.”

He’s seen bumping hard to the beat with his friends in a room talking about his come up and how he’s ready and gearing up to make some serious noise in hip-hop.

In an interesting take, it appears he makes several references to Gucci Mane saying, “All this gucci on I’m Gucci Mane, I should change my name to Wop/I bought a glizzy clip a stock I put a 50 on my Glock.”

This is a follow up to his latest Big Recklezz project, which dropped in early December of 2017, immediately after dropping his “Jail Thoughts” track. His latest project saw a 15-track list that had no features and covers a variety of everyday issues. “Jail Thoughts” gives us an insight to what goes on in the mind of Rico Recklezz.

Check out the “Gummo (Remix)” video below.

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