Rappers like Rico Nasty rely on easy-breezy vocabulary to get straight to the point in their rhymes. Lyrics like "Don't come out the house unless I'm wearin' something whimsical/From where I made it out, they lookin' at me like a miracle" on "Cheat Code" and “Try to box me in, I don't need no oxygen/You could leave me to die, I was born to win" on "Mood" prove she's putting substance behind her rhymes without using complicated syntax. For XXL’s ABCs series, the Sugar Trap leader delivers a similar approach while bringing her vibrant personality to the table for some quick word association. The end result? Rico's highly amusing.

Kicking off with the letter A, the 2019 XXL Freshman goes straight off the dome to produce the word anatomy. Next up for B, Rico opts for bussy, a sex-related term widely used by gay men. "If you don't know what it is, look it up," Rico whispers.

Once she hits C and D, the chaos in Rico's mind seemingly ensues with picks of catastrophe and destroy, respectively. Then her love for the sticky green produces the word high when the letter H arrives, and K finds her name-dropping Khalifa Kush, Wiz Khalifa's weed strain. Michael Jordan even gets a shout-out on J, complete with a slam dunk move for emphasis.

Rico's comedic side shines with the letter P. "Pussy, obtuse pussy," she says with a laugh, combining the angular word she also shared for the letter O. And she excels in her grasp of the planets with Uranus and Venus for U and V, respectively.

Hit play up top to watch Rico Nasty show love to Wiz Khalifa and Michael Jordan, flex her knowledge of the solar system and more in XXL’s ABCs.

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