Rico Nasty is no rap neophyte. With six mixtapes released over the last five years—Summer's Eve (2104), The Rico Story (2016), Sugar Trap (2016), Tales of Tacobella (2017), Sugar Trap 2 (2017), Nasty (2018) and Anger Management with Kenny Beats (2019)—Trap Lavigne has been steady working. And that's all before a debut album has touched down. Her tireless work ethic, tempestuous raps and punk rock aesthetic have ultimately paved the glittery pink road to her success as a 2019 XXL Freshman. With this esteemed title comes high expectations that she can rap and Rico doesn't disappoint in her XXL Freshman freestyle.

Even before she lets off a bar, Rico looks like a trap warrior princess. Geometric designs decorate her face and brightly colored barrettes and beads adorn her hair. She's ready for lyrical war even if it means going up against herself. The 24-year-old Largo, Md. native is in this for the long-run as she expresses at the start of her freestyle. "You could ask about me, I ain't that lil' IG model rapper bitch that like to pop her lips/I'm the one that's poppin' shit/I'ma always apply the pressure while you be callin' quits/And you know it's 20 or better when I be walkin' in," she delivers with fervor.

The rap quaintrelle switches up flows and seemingly takes on a maniacal sneer as she fires off clear warnings in the span of a minute. The "Countin' Up" rapper may be the leader of the Sugar Trap, but right now, she's anything but sweet. "And you know I'm wit the shits so it's never a probably/We gon' get you, they won't get us, we gon' do it properly," Rico raps. "When they try to copy me they do that shit so sloppily/I ain't never wishin' on a star, my shit be guaranteed." Her self-confidence is on a trillion.

Armed with a major label deal with Atlantic Records a legion of fans dubbed the Nasty Mob, Rico's career is blooming with solid support in place. Now as a 2019 XXL Freshman, she's showcasing the lyricism and allure that earned her a spot in the class. Fittingly, she concludes her rhymes with an assertive flex: "I don't move like I got nothin' to prove ’cause I really do this shit, bitch."

Watch Rico Nasty in her 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle up top. And witness her journey to stardom at her official XXL Freshman page below.

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