Rick Ross just took home what should be considered a big time W in the courtroom, but don't expect to see the Maybach Music Group head honcho popping champagne anytime soon—specifically within the next five years.

On Tuesday (April 4), the Rather You Than Me artist and his bodyguard Nadrian Lateef James pled no contest to misdemeanor kidnapping and assault charges stemming from an alleged assault on two of Rozay's employees back in June 2015, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. Ross and James were sentenced to five years probation, which includes stipulations dictating they must attend anger management sessions and refrain from drinking alcohol, using drugs, owning firearms or being in contact with their victims.

Rozay had tried to get the case thrown out, and even mounted the argument that he and James' actions were actually a result of them trying to defend themselves. The court didn't quite go for it, but Ross is nonetheless escaping without any jail time.

The alleged incident leading to this court case took place after the two employees reportedly threw a party at Rozay's 235-acre Fayetteville, Ga. home without asking his permission to do so. After learning of the party, Rozay and James reportedly took the two employees to the property's guest house to attack them. One of the victims claimed their tooth was chipped after being pistol-whipped and their jaw was so injured they actually had to resort to a liquid diet.

Rozay and James also pled guilty to pointing a pistol at another person. On top of that, Ross had to cop to three counts of marijuana possession.

The MMG rapper will avoid any jail time. In a statement, the MMG boss said he "respected" and "appreciated" how the court handled his case. You can hear what he has to say about the case for yourself in video below.

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