Rick Ross has been a bit quiet as of late, but don't expect that to last too much longer. During a recent interview with Angie Martinez, the MMG boss touched on his new album, titled Rather You Than Me, and promised a new collaboration with one of the fiercest wordsmiths in the rap game.

"I'mma say it 'cause you Angie Martinez, but Nas is definitely [on Ross' new album]", Rozay explained to a stunned Martinez during the interview in the video up top.

Just before he makes the big reveal, Rozay gave a little bit of context for his relationship with Nas, an MC he collaborated with on his Rich Forever cut, "Triple Beam Dreams." Rozay says that he gained a deeper appreciation for Nas when the Illmatic rapper called him one of the top five lyricists hip-hop has to offer.

Another collaboration between Ross and Nas should be the rap song equivalent of The Godfather Part II. Ross has been one of the rap game's most theatrical entertainers since he stepped into the mainstream about 11 years ago. Each of his verses are packed with self-mythologizing bars that call to mind images of the same sort of mafioso grandeur that characterized Nas' It Was Written, so it only makes sense that they'd get in the booth once again.

Assuming Rick Ross decides to keep his new Nas collaboration under wraps, fans will have to wait until Rather You Than Me drops on March 17 to hear what will surely be a dope track. It feels like waiting for Christmas.

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