Maybach Music Group will have to head back into the courtroom after allegedly failing to show up to a scheduled performance in London, according to a new TMZ report.

Allegedly, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wale, Omarion and Stalley were all scheduled to show up to perform at Wembley on September 12, but Meek then requested the show be postponed. When the group couldn't come up with a rescheduled date, the MMG crew bailed on the show, and now the promoter wants the $93,000 he put up as an advance.

TMZ also got a hold of the fees paid to each of the MMG guys, in case anyone was wondering what the monetary hierarchy of the label is. Nothing too surprising, unless you're convinced that Wale deserves more than Meek; he consistently charts higher, after all. Numbers below.

Stalley: $5,500
Omarion: $12,000
Wale: $35,000
Meek Mill: $40,000
Rick Ross: $100,000