Rick Ross, who recently announced his Rather You Than Me album, is back with a music video for his new song "Buy Back the Block." The video opens with Ross and Gucci Mane working at a car wash before deciding they need to buy the whole place. Their plans get bigger when they decide to buy the whole block.

After Rozay and Guwop make this declaration, they link up with 2 Chainz to hit the streets of Atlanta. Next, the rappers unleash some boastful bars about expanding their respective empires.

"I sold 10 bricks a day but now I need 10 Chick-Fil-A's/Just bought two studios cause I got so much shit to say/I made 10 million dollars, man, and I was on house arrest/She says her jaws hurt, she need to give her mouth a rest/These niggas falling off, only the strong survive/These suckers reaching out, but ain't no need to try," Gucci raps.

Gucci's verse shows off the mindset he's had since getting out of prison. The veteran MC told XXL that sobriety has led to new focus on his business.

"If you would’ve told me before I went to jail that I could stop drinking lean and smoking weed… I knew people could do that and I had heard stories of that, but I never wanted to do that," he said. "I never ever wanted to not be high. I enjoyed doing it so much so…but I was thinking about putting my plan together, after, like, a year of being away from drugs, it became part of my plan. The way I’m handling business now and the way I think now is way more sharper than how I was before. Maybe if I don’t do that, that’ll keep me from keep going back and forth to jail. I just kept building on that and making that a part of my life. Once I embraced that, it just made me treat everything different."

Sobriety has not changed Gucci's work ethic. The Atlanta native has been cranking out new projects at the same relentless pace he's maintained for most of his career.

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