Rich The Kid and Lil Yachty previously mentioned a collaboration mixtape called Lil Boat and Lil Goat, but that has not come to fruition. The two have still put in plenty of work together as they join forces for a new track titled "Phone Tap Freestyle" featuring Skippa Da Flippa. The song sees the three Atlanta rappers trading verses at a quick pace.

"Bitches fucking for some Remy/She was flexing, drive a Camry/I told that bitch don’t you call me/Got her geeked up on the molly/Sent her home in a cab/Go yard, got the racks/Put Atlanta on my back/I was broke, I got the sack/Flippa running with a Mac/Lil Yachty in the trap," Rich The Kid raps on his second verse.

Considering how young he is himself, it must be a little odd for Rich The Kid to be the veteran when it comes to his Lil Yachty collaborations. Back in March, Yachty told XXL that he just started rapping last year.

"I probably started rapping about a year ago," Yachty said. "I had two songs; I made my closet a booth. I started just putting out songs, locally getting love. Two thousand plays, in my town that’s a lot. I took it seriously about four months ago [because] I hated college. I went to college for about two months. Then I realized that shit was not for me at all. I went to Alabama State. I had 'Hella Os' and 'Minnesota' written on paper at school. I came home one weekend and freestyled 'Lil Boat.' 'Lil Boat' is probably the song we put out. Or 'Hella Os,' one of those songs."

"Phone Tap Freestyle" is from Rich's new mixtape Rich Forever Music for his new label. Look out for Rich The Kid's next mixtape Trap Talk, which drops April 19.

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