Rich The Kid has provided XXL with the following statement regarding the domestic abuse allegations: "This is a false allegation. I would never & have never hit a female."

Original Story:

Apparently Rich The Kid and Twerk Team member Lady Luscious have ended their marriage, and Luscious cites Rich's infedility and abusive tendencies as the reason for the split. In a recent interview with The Shade Room's Kyle Simpson, Luscious claimed that the "Ran it Up" rapper had been unfaithful and that he'd been verbally and physically abusive to her during their three-year relationship. She even provided a few pictures of herself with bruise marks around her eye and her forehead.

These are definitely some troubling claims, and when you consider that Luscious and Rich The Kid are expecting a baby girl in five weeks, the whole situation becomes downright tragic. According to The Shade Room, Rich The Kid wants to keep his family together, but is also denying that he has any sort of relationship with the Twerk Team member and that she is really just someone who wants him to pay for her car note. Luscious shot back by providing The Shade Room with images of their official marriage certificate. Yikes.

While no one should jump to any major conclusions after hearing one side of this story, it's troubling that the accusations come just weeks after Rich's affiliate Famous Dex got caught on camera hitting his girlfriend. For now, all we can do is hope that the former husband and wife will resolve their differences in a cordial manner. The two already have a 1-year-old son. Watch Rich's response below.

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