Rich Homie Quan returns with more heat in 2018, following up his debut album by dropping a new mixtape, The GIF, on Thursday (Oct. 4).

The Atlanta rapper offers up seven songs on the release. Boosie BadAzz, Persona and Quick Trip assist on the short offering.

2018 has seen a resurgence for the "Type of Way" rapper. He finally put out his debut album, Rich As in Spirit, in March. The album featured Rick Ross but otherwise was entirely captained by RHQ. Since the release of he LP, Rich has spent the summer on his Rich As in Spirit Tour which touched down in 34 cities throughout the U.S.

He seems to be on a different wave after having some setbacks the last two years. "You can just tell how I’ve grown up," he told XXL in 2017. "I’ve gotten older, watching what I say because I know the previous years I’ve gotten in trouble. And I know everybody’s listening now so with everybody listening, I just want to make sure I can motivate you. This music, my music is for motivational purposes. I’m trying to encourage you to get up and be somebody, do something. I’m not saying it gotta be music, but just something."

Listen to Rich Homie Quan's The GIF mixtape below.

Rich Homie Quan's The GIF Mixtape Tracklist

1. "Thoughts"
2. "Get In" featuring Quick Trip
3. "Ashamed"
4. "Covered in Shit"
5. "Wake Up" featuring Persona
6. "Cash on Me"
7. "Skeletons" featuring Boosie BadAzz

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