Rich Homie Quan takes you through "Da Streetz" and the less-than-ideal circumstances of his upbringing in his new song and accompanying visual.

The "Da Streetz" video begins in the place where being too involed in the streets will land you; in a jail cell. Quan looks pretty dejected as he's rocking the orange jail outfit and listening to a lecture from one of his OG's, but it looks like he's listening.

On the track itself, the "Replay" rapper details gets right to the bottom of how he became such a street-oriented guy. Quan uses repetition and straightforward, but meaningful lyrics to make his point on the new song.

In the hook for "Da Streetz," the new Motown Records signee touches on a few of the things he maybe should or shouldn't have known about as a youngster in the hood, chanting, "I ain't know nothing 'bout no drank until the age of 13/I ain't know nothing 'bout no money 'til the age of 14/I ain't know nothing 'bout no condom 'til the age of 15."

In the first verse of "Da Streetz," Quan raps, "17 was the worst, feel like I ain't had no purpose/At 18 was workin'/At 18 was lurkin'/At 18 I graduated, a lotta lames in my class, I know they mad I made it/I keep my phone on silent because it aggravates me/And I protect my paper like it's laminated."

Throughout the video, we see Quan go from a jail cell, to looking pretty fly rapping out his lyrics to the song as he walks through the streets once more.

By the end of the song, Quan details the way he was able to escape street life, which, ironically enough, he did by rapping about the streets. You can check out the new song and visual below. You can download the track on iTunes, Amazon or Google Play.

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