Rich Gains, one-half of production duo Blended Babies, released his new album, Gains, last weekend. The project features guest appearances from GLC, Asher Roth, Leon Thomas III and more. A standout cut off the project is "7 Digits," a record that finds Rich Gains linking up with Freddie Gibbs, ZZ Ward and Nico Segal.

Over horns and hard-hitting bass, Gibbs and ZZ Ward shine while Nico Segal supplies the trumpet. Gibbs isn't shy, bragging about having seven digits in his bank account.

"I used to keep that 30 round at 17 years old/Cause niggas wanna separate my body from my soul/I just wrapped up my pack and put them bricks out on the road/Put them bricks out on the road," Gibbs raps.

Freddie Gibbs has been getting progressively busy since dropping You Only Live 2wice, his first project since being released from an Austrian prison and returning to the U.S. The former XXL Freshman dropped the eight-song project in late March. In XXL's spring 2017 issue—which is out now—Gibbs shared his story of how he had to fight for his freedom and his return home.

"I just been chilling, I haven’t been doing shit [laughs]," he said. "I just been chilling with my daughter. My daughter about to be two, I just been chilling with her and watching her develop and a lot of reading. I’m trying to do some work in the community now. I’ve been doing a lot of everything but rapping."

Bump "7 Digits" below.

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