Rich Chigga is gearing up to come to the United States for the first time for his five-city tour to perform some of his rare music live, and he's giving fans another treat to tide them over through the anticipation. The Indonesian rapper just released the official version of his "Back At It" track, which fans have been awaiting for some time now. You can hear it below.

On the new record, the comedian is in his lyrical element, calling out some of the fake people around him that he doesn't seem to trust based on their overly-lavish flexing. On the second verse, the Jakarta native rhymes, "Now he's talkin' bout his lifestyle, if you couldn't tell that it's all he fuckin' talk about, man we can't relate/Shit what can I say I don't look rich, I don't wear a golden chain, I don't drive a cool whip, this only way I can flex/For your main bitch, I'm just sayin' what I feel, had it with the fake shit." It's always a big deal when the MC drops new music, being that he has a pretty minimal music catalogue as far as releases go.

Building up to the tour, Chigga wrote in a statement, "I'm excited to come to the United States for the first time ever. I'm excited to breathe its air and look at the women. I've been putting in work on my first full project and that will be coming up soon." The tour starts in Los Angeles on April 28, hitting up five cities including Orange County, Calif., New York City, N.Y., Miami, Fla. and Todd Mission, Texas. You can purchase your tickets here.

Take a listen to the self-produced "Back At It" from Rich Chigga below. He's expected to drop a full project later this year.

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