New Jersey rapper RetcH is the definition of a workhorse, churning out new music every few days it seems. Last week, he let his latest song, "Retaliation," fly, a blistering track filled with his usual gritty yet detailed lyrics.

He opens the song with a quick reference to the death of Jimmy Wopo and XXXTentacion's eerily similar circumstances, both of whom were slain on the same day last week (June 18). Soon after, he goes right into his verse on the short song. "Dropping off a bitch, on my way to pick a bitch up/Dirty ass .38 revolver like I'm Bishop," he raps coldly, with a quick nod to one of Tupac Shakur's movie roles. "Now he kneelin', cryin' by his man, screamin', 'Get up'/He was actin' like he wanted smoke, so he got lit up."

It's clear from RetcH's subject matter that he's seen a lot, so it's hard for him to trust too many people. "On my phone talkin' money, while the valet pullt he whip up/I'm usually by my dolo, ’cause you niggas known to switch up," shows off that point while being a smart moment of self-preservation.

RetcH is known for constantly teasing his music online, as he did a few weeks ago with a song he hopes to get G-Herbo on. He also dropped his EP, Still Up, last December and has a project titled After The Verdict on the way. Expect more new music from him soon.

Check out "Retaliation" below.

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