Inas X's 2015 single "Love Is" caught the attention of Fetty Wap and led to her signing with his RGF Productions imprint. Now, the track is getting a renewed push with the added contributions of Remy Boy Monty.

"It's such a revolutionary time in history and must be celebrated!" Inas X said of the track. "Love is different to everyone, but I think everyone wants to be loved. Love is painful and hard, but it also is the most beautiful strongest entity in the universe! Love is a celebration. Love is Love!"

The new remix gives Inas X the opportunity to expose "Love Is" to an entirely new audience. The singer explained that adding Remy Boy Monty to the mix just added a new layer of love to it.

"This song is very special to me," Inas X said. "It is a celebration of love and all the forms it takes. Having Monty on the song adds an extra layer of love that I have for my RGF family."

For Monty, collaborating on the remix was a must. He sees big things in the future of Inas X.

"As soon as I heard the song I knew it was crazy and I had to hop on it," Remy Boy Monty said. "Inas is fam and helping fam is what love is all about. I call her ‘Inas the Great’ because I see a huge future for her and she brings a new side of music to the RGF family."

If you need some more music from Monty, don't forget to check out his latest mixtape MontyZoo.

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