Ireland rapper Rejjie Snow's unique approach to music has kept him on many people's radar, and now he has something new to share. His latest song is "Rainbows," a whimsical trip through Rejjie's thoughts on his relationships, and his life in general.

The production is free and loose, with birds chirping and some subtle bass mixing with faint synths. Rejjie delivers his lyrics in a low and straightforward tone: "Telling them everything is safe, telling everything is good/Telling everything is great." He continues on, talking about his own death: "When I'm buried in the ground I'll be laughing in my grave/Shaking hand with god but they say he don't exist."

Later in the song, Rejjie seems to be talking about a lost love. "Remember when you used to come/Got your North Face black pink suede up on me," he reminisces. "Chicken head you used to call me/Now I'm dancing six feet beneath the moon, I'm lonely."

"Rainbows" will appear on Rejjie Snow's forthcoming album, Dear Annie, which drops on Feb. 16. Last year, Rejjie was promoting his mixtape, The Moon & You. That tape was led by "Purple Tuesday," his collaboration with Joey Bada$$. He also freed the Pell-assisted song "Virgo," which was set to be the lead single for Dear Annie. Interestingly enough, Rejjie is releasing the album in parts, breaking it down into separate sections.

Listen to Rejjie Snow's "Rainbows" below.

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