Just two weeks ago, Rejjie Snow announced he would be dropping a surprise new mixtape for fans, and fast fast forward to today, he's delivered on the promise. The Dublin native has just released his The Moon & You mixtape for purchase, and you can stream it below via Spotify, cop it on iTunes or download it straight from his website.

The new project from the promising young musician sees 13 new records from Snow with features from Joey Bada$$, Jesse Boykins III, Joyce Wrice, Dana Williams and Julian Bell. There's a slew of production work by Benjamin Miler, but he does see some assistance from Cam O'Bi, Stefan Ponce and Shungu for the completion of the mixtape.

The rapper has been pushing out new material hard on fans, having dropped his brand new "Flexin" track back in March, as well as the Bada$$-featured "Purple Tuesday" earlier this month, giving fans a taste of the project before it dropped.

He also released a socially conscious track called "Crooked Cops" back in January, which addresses police brutality. Snow explained why he decided to create the song, saying, “Me and my producer were watching some black exploitation films and that’s kind of where the initial idea came from. One of my boys had just got locked up for some things so I was just on some anti-police shit. When Rahki made the beat I had a lot of emotions. I must have written the song in 30 minutes and I guess that’s why I sound different, I was feeling aggressive and angry.”

Check out the tracklist for Rejjie's The Moon & You mixtape below and purchase it on iTunes here.

Rejjie Snow's The Moon & You Tracklist

1. "Intro" (prod. by Benjamin Miller)
2. "Unborn" (prod. by Benjamin Miller)
3. "Fashion Week" (prod. by Benjamin Miller)
4. "African Dragon" (prod. by ShunGu & Benjamin Miller)
5. "Purple Tuesday" Feat. Joey Bada$$ & Jesse Boykins III (prod. by Cam O'bi)
6. "Me and My Piano" (prod. by Benjamin Miller)
7. "Sunny California" (prod. by Benjamin Miller)
8. "Hope" (prod. by Crooklyn)
9. "Mama Africa" (prod. by ShunGu)
10. "Get It" Feat. Joyce Wrice (prod. by Benjamin Miller)
11. "Milk Man" (prod. by ShunGu)
12. "Pink Flower" Feat. Dana Williams & Julian Bell (prod. by Stefan Ponce)
13. "Acid Trip" (prod. by Benjamin Miller)

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