If Red Pill is not on your radar already, it's time to change that. The Detroit rapper has been making noise in the underground for a few years now with the help of indie label Mello Music Group. Red Pill is a brutally honest MC who has no problem addressing the mental gymnastics he goes through in his rhymes.

Listeners get a dose of this honesty on Red Pill's new single "Gin and Tonic" produced by Ill Poetic. The talented wordsmith expresses how he just wants to be happy with what he's got yet cannot escape the cloud of depression.

"I used to stay up late at night thinking about my songs/Now I fall asleep early from drinking all day long/I used to hate the feeling of a Friday night alone/Now I'm too embarrassed of the person I have grown/This song's the only person that I'll tell/Cause there ain't no going back once you tell them you need some help," he raps.

"Gin and Tonic" will appear on Red Pill's upcoming album Instinctive Drowning due out on Aug. 26. You can pre-order the LP now on Bandcamp to get an instant download of "Gin and Tonic" as well as the P.O.S. assisted "Fuck Your Ambition." And if you need to hear more from Red Pill, make sure to check out the album Everything In Between he recently put out with his group Ugly Heroes. You can stream that project in its entirety below.

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