XXL Freshmen class alumnus Raury returns with new music following a slight hiatus while on tour. Today, we get the new track "Neveralone."

The song is inspired by a recent skydiving trip, and finds the Atlanta MC vibing over a dense track produced by DJ Khalil. "All my heroes turn they back on me/I believe it's probably cause I'm actually not talented at all/If we gon' break it down cause factually
I make what I'm imagining/Not popular, not trafficking/They trap it on the radio/Now little kids got trapper dreams/Poppin' cats up in the tapestry/Of the culture fabric of the blackest peeps," he spits.

As with most of the Indigo Child's songs, the single has a cinematic feel combined with subdued vocal melodies. Raury shows off his rhymes skills further spitting, "I'ma comeback with a vision/Got a hot lava and a flamethrower/Throwing fire bars on these lame boys/Helped me grow up with the same boy/Young man with the heat rock/Boxed in by the sheet rock/Gold key in his left hand/But he aimed at by the street cops."

Raury's All We Need album dropped in 2015 and featured guest spots from RZA, Big K.R.I.T., Key! and Tom Morello, and production from DJ Khalil, Malay, Danger Mouse, Jacknife Lee, Daytrip and Raury himself.

Last month, he hosted his third annual Raurfest in Atlanta. The lineup included, Joey Bada$$ and Kirk Knight as well as Lion Babe, Kilo Kish and more

Listen to Raury's latest, above.

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