Ratking may be one of New York City's most exciting up-and-coming acts, but group member Hak takes it to the west coast for the visuals for his song "Aura." Shot in Joshua Tree, a national park in Southern California, in late May, the video shows Hak on a walkabout of sorts, surrounded by boulders, cacti and desert sand, with just his thoughts and lyrics with him.

"Aura" will be featured on Hak's debut album JUNE which is slated for a June 21 release date, a day after the summer solstice. "It is a sweaty ode to these months of shine" Hak, who directed the video as well, says of the album.

The members of Ratking have gone their own way as of late, with Wiki dropping his own solo album Lil Me back in December. This past March, Wiki was joined by Antwon, Skepta and Ratking's Sporting Life for a remix to "God Bless Me."

While most of "Aura" is as hazy as a desert oasis Hak might have seen while shooting it, the song's hook is discernible enough to hear Hak saying, "All the songs of summer with the sun / This will let you know, that I’m looking for one / Words so sweet but I know this ain’t love / Words so sweet, tongues tale from the drugs."

Eventually, Hak lets "things go on to a blessed road." Listen to and watch "Aura" up top, with JUNE dropping later this month.

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