Cancer season is among us and a lot of rappers birthdays are coming up. They say people born during the span of this summer zodiac sign are emotional, impulsive and diplomatic. With famous Cancers including Lil Kim, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott and  RZA; does the celestial coordinate system prove to be true?

Among a host of things that's also said about the zodiac sign is that Cancers do not have great ambitions due to their contentment with family and home life. That fact may be true in some cases but clearly does not apply in this category of MCs who have broken down barriers and have assisted in shaping the formation of modern day hip-hop. 50 Cent was once one of the richest rappers in the world and Lil Kim played a huge part in laying the blueprint for today's female rappers. Cancers are additionally said to deeply care about those who surround them, be very loyal and often have mood swings. A lot of the rappers listed here totally fit the profile on that one.

With some MCs entailing each and every trait that comes along with the summer zodiac sign and others being the exact opposite; check out XXL's gallery of rappers born between June 20 - July 22.

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