"Brick in Yo Face" rapper Stitches and Inkmonstarr have a lot to say about Tyga's girl Kylie Jenner. The two just collaborated on the insane diss track, "Kyga She's a Liar," claiming that the reality television star cheated on T-Raww with both inked-out MCs. "Fuck that pussy ass nigga named Tyga/If she said that she ain't fuck she's a liar," barks Stitch on the track. He goes on to chant, "She's a liar," for the rest of the hook, which takes up a big chunk of the song.

The Miami native gets extremely graphic with what exactly went down between Jenner and him, painting a very vivid picture for listeners. Stitches continues to go off in the camera as he paces around his studio. Ink chimes in, taking his own jabs at Kylie. Even Miley Cyrus' name gets thrown in the mix, but it's unclear if the rappers are coming for the pop singer as well. While Stitch and Inkmonstarr continue to rap about Kylie's alleged behavior, they throw up a picture of Ink with Tyga's girl. They're also sure to include a screenshot of an Instagram conversation between the 18-year old celebrity and Ink, where he's seen giving Kylie his number and she replies saying she'll reach out. Take a look at the screenshot below and decide for yourself if it proves anything. It's kind of funny that Stitches decided to call Kylie Jenner out. During a 2014 interview, he said that his name and stitches tattoo on his face represent his distrust for snitches. In any event, take a listen to the diss track above via the wild video.

In a couple Instragram cuts, Stitches continues to drill home his point about Kim Kardashian's baby sister. He posted a video of him smoking and repeating the song's hook in the camera, and another of him coming for Kylie's sense of hygiene. Do you think Tyga will give these rappers the time of day with a response?

@kinggoldchains ur done pussy nigga

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@kinggoldchains your bitch old news. We releasing the track and music video today @inkmonstarr. And we have proof sucka

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