Rappers: They're just like us. They put on their skinny jeans one leg at a time. Experience the same emotions, like love, lust, anger, jealousy, happiness, sorrow. And just like your average Joe, many rappers have lost their shit in the presence of another celebutante.

Celebrity culture exists even in the bubble of A-to-E-list stars. For every superstar rapper that you look up to, there's likely another pop culture icon from whom they'd humbly request a photo. Nas knows the feeling being on the opposite end of the equation, as he paints a picture on his 2012 track, "Nasty." "Eyes flutter, it's love when Nas pops up/Stars get starstruck, panties start drippin'," he rhymes.

Even a young Kanye West has owned up to being in awe of other hip-hop icons in his orbit, on his 2004 College Dropout outro, "Last Call," where he drops a monologue reflecting on early encounters with Jay-Z and Damon Dash. "I'm like 'Oh shit.' And all this time I'm starstruck, man. I'm still thinking 'bout, you know I'm picturing these niggas on the show, the Streets is Watching, I'm lookin', these were superstars in my eyes. And they still are, you know."


Lots of rappers have stories like these, especially as newbies are catapulting to stardom at a quicker pace than many of their predecessors. XXL spoke with nine hip-hop artists about their freak-out moments while in the presence of another celebrity.

9 Rappers Share Their Starstruck Moments

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