If you're not a Seinfeld fan, chances are there's someone in your inner circle who's a stan of the New York City-based, culture-shifting comedy. Named No. 2 Best Written TV Series of All Time, the show ran for nine years, giving birth to a whole new generation of both writers, actors and comedians like Jeremy Piven, Denise Richards, Chris Parnell and Bryan Cranston, who is best known for his leading role in Breaking Bad.

The show about nothing, which ironically was about lots of things, was chock-full of insanely memorable characters, catch phrases, one-liners and storylines that have kept it alive to this day, netting the creators (Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld) even more in syndication than it did during its initial run. However, when it comes to hip-hop making references to the iconic program, specific things about the show seem to stick out persistently: George Costanza's "born-loser" aura, Jerry's overall wealth and the fact he wore some of the most fire sneakers throughout the 1990s.

Some artists do dig deeper, though. Your Old Droog's "Basketball & Seinfeld," for example, is a brilliant amalgamation of his classic hoops knowledge, and immense mental Rolodex of Seinfeld trivia. No rapper has done a better job of marrying his love for the show and his music than MMG rapper Wale. The rhymer worked with Jerry Seinfeld on developing The Album About Nothing, which featured entire song concepts built around carefully curated Seinfeld excerpts and speeches by Jerry.

The show had become a topic of discussion most recently when young Joey Bada$$ revealed in an interview with The Breakfast Club that he's not a fan of the program -- despite playing a Seinfeld fiend named Leon on his current show Mr. Robot. Well, perhaps it's his age -- yadda, yadda, yadda -- or maybe it's a case of "It's not you; it's me." With so many Seinfeld references to make, we can go all day.

Here at XXL, we 're highlighting 20 rappers and songs that reference the classic comedy behemoth. Bonus, if you play them all back to back, they make a dope playlist.

  • "Barry Bonds" Freestyle


    "I'm about to paint a picture
/You niggas go ahead frame it/Since we gettin' Seinfeld/On some Jerry and Elaine shit."

  • "Growing Pains"


    "You see these Seinfeld rappers talking a whole lot of nothing so allow me to curve your enthusiasm or something/
This is kinda like M.J. before his prime when he dunking cause I ain't 23 yet but when I'm there it'll be something."

  • "It's Over"

    Murs and 9th Wonder

    "They say that all good things must come to the end
/The Wire, The Sopranos, Seinfeld and Friends
/That's all folks, that's all that she wrote/
It's over and it's finished, we gonna end it on a good note."

  • "Outty 5000"

    Lupe Fiasco

    "They love the way that I pamper the grammar/
Moon Man, strutting down the ramp of the lander
/Was nuts with the cane, Planters Planters
/Adjust my frames, tamper tamper/I'm real, they Seinfeld
/They ain't talking 'bout nothing, George Castanza."

  • "Nunca"

    Chino XL

    "I make headlines considerably
/Sorcery with no plea bargain, or jargon, or glossary
/Fuck the Insane Clown Posse, of rap their making a mockery/
You'll retire like Seinfeld waiting on titles that I've held."

  • "I'm Da Man"

    Kendrick Lamar

    "Now ain't that true love?
/I tell her kill Cupid and give my crew love
/And you ain't getting it 'til you get in that jew love/
I'm talking Seinfeld, Ben Stiller, Wall Street, bank tellers/
Tell 'em you couldn't bury with two cups."

  • "Say Amen"

    Brother Ali

    "Dumbed down thuggery and pussy hungry consciousness
/Revolution for sale greedy communist
/Seinfeld rap your show about nothing
/Poetry played it’s all about production."

  • "Real Playa Like"


    "Hampton home, two floors for nine mill'
/Real playa like two doors from Seinfeld
/White marble, new floors that shine still/
And the help keep food stored, wine chilled."

  • "Overkill"

    Ill Bill

    "Hit you with the nine shell in your head like Kleinfeld
/My mind's swelled, I laugh at it like Seinfeld or Larry David/
Then blast off like Larry Davis
/We carry bangers and air you out like airplane hangers."

  • "Impostas"

    MF DOOM and MF Grimm

    "The last thing he saw was a potato/From the lone nato who host his own late show
/Keep a low lab on monsta island like Seinfeld
/White wine clientele connected like MindMeld."

  • "Stronger"


    "Now I pirate the game, tryin' to earn me some loot/
I tell em "Stop being Nazi you better serve me my soup"
/But this ain't Seinfeld/
I flip that like some clientele."

  • "Basketball & Seinfeld"

    Your Old Droog

    "I used to roast me a big, fine L
 and watch a whole lotta basketball and Seinfeld
/Aside from my fishscale clientele/
There's few things I know as well as basketball and Seinfeld."

  • "Believe"

    CyHI The Prynce

    "No joke, I ain’t Jerry Seinfeld
/The only reason I ain’t in the street is 'cause I rhyme well."

  • "Blue Rubies"

    Maffew Ragazino

    "So my grass low like I like my white ones yo/
I like black girls latins even white ones yo
/That love Seinfeld and 90210."

  • "Oh My Goodness"

    Keith Murray

    "How about in back of the yellow cab like Seinfeld
/Chew you like little neck clams on half shells
/I got a hypochondriac flow that get real ill
/Get nautious to the beat, I spit sick at will."

  • "Yo Yo Yo"

    The Beatnuts Featuring Greg Nice

    "$120 mill an episode like 
Seinfeld/She tryin' act like her shit don't smell
/Can't beat, for loosin niggas be jel'
/Comin' through wit my click on my coattail."

  • "Welcome to Gilla House"


    "My clientele is Seinfeld status
/My rap quotables, best thing since Hamlet/
I'm in the hood like Planned Parent
/Bust a nut, get up and put her on mass transit."

  • "Been Official"

    Mayhem Lauren

    "Yo, rocking Huarache like I’m Jerry Seinfeld
/Forever rhyme skilled, collecting cake, it got my mind filled."

  • "The Chicago Falcon" Remix

    Wale Featuring The Budos Band

    "My Costanzas stand like Phantoms or Maybachs
/You won't get a lane if you came wack/
I hate rap like Kramer hate blacks."

  • "Best of Times"

    Strong Arm Steady Featuring Phonte

    "Niggas know it and they talk to your back
/Behind closed doors and get a good laugh
Like that factory that niggas in rap/
Your name ain't Seinfield if you Black."

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