Pisces season is in full effect and some of your favorite rappers are born under the water sign, the final of the Zodiac, and is symbolized by the twin fishes.

According to InStyle, Pisces are deeply emotional, sensitive, and spiritual artists at heart. A few Piscean rappers are deeply connected to their artistry and efforts to promote compassion. Veteran rhymers Common and Queen Latifah are both Pisces and are very creative artists. Not only have they starred in a film together, 2010's Just Wright, but they have also been committed to promoting compassion for the everyday man and woman.

Interestingly, rappers Danny Brown and Flavor Flav shared the same birth date, March 16. Both artists are eccentric and creative in rap. Their personality traits as Pisces help them excel in their field so it's no surprise that Brown and Flav are beloved by their rap peers and fans alike.

Pisces also have a sexual style, meaning, in regards to sex, they often display a unique love language with their significant others. When it comes to intimacy, it's always intense. Papoose is a Pisces and the PDA shows to his wife Remy Ma is adorable and on par with his zodiac sign. Another rapper, Kash Doll, is enjoying motherhood, love and happiness with her boyfriend Tracy T.

Other powerful Pisces include Tyler, the Creator, Method Man, Jack Harlow, Ja Rule, AZ, SahBabii and more.

In celebration of the water sign, XXL presents a gallery of cool, sexy, and creative rappers who happened to be Pisces. Check it out.

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