The mall is a place where most people go to run their errands and continue on with their lives. Unfortunately this wasn't the case for Jacksonville, Fla.'s Yungeen Ace, who was arrested for going to the mall without permission from his probation officer last week.

As reported by Jacksonville, Fla.'s First Coast News this past Tuesday (Oct. 30), the 20-year-old rapper remained in Clay County jail on  after going to Orange Park Mall without permission. The arrest warrant states that Ace was traveling from Florida to Louisiana and failed to "stay with his itinerary on 10/13/2018... the offender visited the mall without the consent of the probation officer."

This news comes nearly a week after the "Fuck That" artist posted an Instagram video of himself saying he's going to jail Instagram.His caption for the Instagram video reads, "Dey say nun last forever #FreeMe."

"I'm out this bitch, I ain't gon' lie," he said in the video itself. "When I post this video, I'll be in jail. I already knew this shit was coming. They never want to see a nigga win. I knew this was coming. If you see this video, I'm already in jail. I will say this though. I appreciate all of y'all."

News of Ace's arrest arrives four months after he was shot in a quadruple homicide this past June, XXL has reached out to Ace's reps for comment.

Watch Yungeen Ace's video saying goodbye to his fans below. Check out his freestyle for XXL's What I Do series when you're done.

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