Despite the rise of SoundCloud rap and the new romanticism associated with being an independent act, there's still value in getting a cosign from a rap superstar. It's that value an aspiring rapper by the name of Cedric Miller attempted to gain for himself when he tried to get Rick Ross' attention by robbing a Wingstop in Memphis.

Rozay owns a bunch of Wingstop restaurants, and it looks like one of them is the Union Avenue location that 23-year-old Miller attempted to rob, according to CBS' local Memphis outlet.

Police reported they got a tip indicating that Miller was one of the suspects in the robbery on Jan. 5. From there, police had a Wingstop employee identify Miller out of a lineup of six people. After that, the Memphis Police Department arrested him.

Customers of the local Wingstop didn't understand Miller's decision. “It could [get Rick Ross' attention] but I don’t know if he is going to get signed if that’s the case. I doubt it,” a customer by the name of Huron Wilson said.

Rozay himself has yet to comment on the matter.

Check out video of the news story for yourself below. After that, learn about Rozay's new line of beard-grooming products.

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